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Emu GBA Lodine 9.6.1 New version Update:

- Doesn't freeze anymore when you try to save.
- Minor bugs fixes
- Slight increase of fps for Windows 7/8/10 and Android.
- Support gba rooms.

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gba emulator Welcome to Our website is an easy way to download a gba emulator which works without any problem, compatible with most of personal computers and completely free. With this gameboy emulator you can play games available for Game Boy systems in your computer, just downloading your favorites gba emulator games and running it for free. But, what it is an emulator for a computer?

¿What is a gba emulator?

An emulator is a software which allows you to play games in a different platform or operative system different from the original device the game was created for. Nowadays, it is very common to use emulator of old consoles in our computers. It is an easy way to play old games, because we only need a basic computer and an internet connexion to download the emulator and games. A powerful computer is not necessary because old consoles, for example, PS1, Play Station 2 or GameBoy, work with low hardware requirements. That is why new consoles, like XBOX 360 o Play Station 3 are not very emulated. In other words, you can use this emulator without any problem.

There is another way to play games in different devices, but is not exactly the same. We speak about backward compatibility, It consists in playing games from old consoles in their new version, and this is only possible in the case of the company which created the video console desing his new console with the possibility to run the games of his last console. For example, you can use cd games of xbox 360 in the new xbox one without any modification. As you can see, is not like emulate a video console in your computer. On the other hand, emulators are not exclusively for computers. You can find emulators that work in a Nintendo DS or in an android system, like emulator for android. However, the same emulator software does not work in different devices, they have to be modificated to work in other devices.

Advantages of gameboy emulator: You can load gba rooms easily

To use this emulator, got to download section of the website and follow the instructions to download and install it. The process is simple, but we think that is not an error to give facilities to our visitors. For playing emulator games, you have to look for them in internet, download them and load it in the emulator software. After that, you only have to run your gameboy emulator and choose the game. Playing with an emulator have a lot of advantages compared with the traditional video console.

The most evident advantage is that you do not need the original console, you use your computer. You can play with it and after that, if you have to work or do other things, just close the emulator software. With gba emulator games, an usb memory is sufficient to save a lot of video games and their “saves” as your data in a videogame is known and copy them in other computers. The games do not need a lot of memory, so it is easy to download and save them. In the most of occasions, the download is completely free and if not, we advise you to close that website and look for them in other website, because maybe that website is a scam or something like that to steal your personal data. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, just in case you are considered a gamer. We mean, the essence of playing with the original console, using their slots to introduce the game and control it with the original controllers, is not the same sensation as playing in a computer with the keyboard, but sometimes, you can download additional software with the emulator to use usb controllers in the computer.

About the game boy and game boy advance emulators

playing gba game Game Boy and his following versions, like Game Boy Advance, has been one of the most famous video consoles around the world, with millions of sales in each country. It was created by Nintendo Company in 1989, and it was sold between 1989 and 2005. I used to work with battery and his screen was in black and white. His first successor with a screen with more colours was the Game Boy Color, and their latest versions, would improve battery life, dimensions and gaming experience like wireless connection instead of “cable link”.

During his commercial life, a lot of different games were created and sold for this devices. There were very different types of these games: fps (first person shooter), adventures, sports, but download pokemon red version for emulator the best seller was Pokémon saga. It consists in an adventure game where you have to capture little monsters, called Pokémon, to fight with others pokémon coach to win experience. While you fight with gym coach to get medals and win the Pokémon League, you have to solve puzzles and a lot of differents situations. There were lots of different titles of this saga, being the most sold video games with more 80 millions of copies around the world.

Most of the games available for Game Boy can be downloaded and installed in your emulator. As you will see, the more popular is the video game you want to download, the easier is to find it for free. To download games for gameboy emulator is not difficult, but you have to be a bit careful. The first advice we can give you is to install an antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and other dangers. If you use a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, the operative system has a antivirus software called “Windows Defender”. You only need to write these words in the menu searcher to find the software and make and scan or something like that. If you use Linux or other, there are a lot of different free antivirus softwares like Avast! which can be found in its official website. After doing that, open your favourite navigator web and make a search like “download pokemon red version for gba emulator”. Next, follow the instructions given in the website you have clicked and click download button. Here is sometimes the problem. There are a lot of adverts showed as download click button, which do not show you the original download, and they open a sponsored website. These buttons are big and very colored, so be careful with them, The problem is not to close the sponsored website, the problem comes when there is malware in the sponsored website.

We are telling you it because if you are newcomer to the internet world, you maybe do not know it, but after spending some hours surfing in the net you will recognized and difference fake buttons and real download buttons without any problem. So do not worry about that, it is very common to download emulator and share your experience with the internet and gamer community. We mean, to finish our article, that you will enjoy more the gameboy emulator and their games if you join to a community to find games better and look for help if you have any problem loading gba rooms. If you liked our website, please share it with your friends!