Frequently Questions

In this page you can read frequent questions and answers about the gba emulator, its installation and how to fix some errors

Question: What can I do if there is a bios error?
Answer: There are legal questions and rules which do not allow us to include bios files with the emulator, so you can download it here.

My computer shows this error, please help! “The system failed initializing the application properly (0xc000135)”
You will see this error if you have not got Microsoft’s .Net 4.0. You have to download it here and complete its installation.

Question: Can I run this gba emulator in a Mac computer?
Answer: Oh sorry, what is a pity, but it does not work in Mac system at this moment

Question: Is there any virus, malware or spyware in this emulator?
Answer: Of course no. This emulator software is 100% free of malware software, soy you do not have to worry about harming your computer any way.

If you have more questions, or you can not find your problem, you can contact with us here.