Minimum requirements

One advantage of a gba emulator is that you do not need a powerful pc gaming to run it without problems. Old consoles only need a bit of power to work, so the 99% of the computers are able to run this emulator. Nevertheless, as faster is your computer, less problems will you have in case you want to run more applications at the same time you play with the emulator. We mean, the emulator software needs less than 532 mb of memory ram to run, but your operative system need 1 gb of ram more or less, so, if your computer is only 2gb of ram, we advise you not to run YouTube or something like that at the same time. The biggest requirement is that you need to have Windows XP or upper because this emulator software does not works with Mac or Linux system. In addition, you need to install Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework or upper. Its download it is free, you can download it from the Microsoft website, but the emulator need this application to works correctly. Speaking about hardware, it is recommendable to have 4 gb of ram and intel atom or a similar processor.

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